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Your Sales Team Doesn't Work Enough (Nor Should They...)

When do your leads actually come in?

For the longest time, we've wondered about this question. And finally, after being around for about 7 months now, we're starting to see the answer.

First of all, across every single FranFunnel customer all time, here’s how leads come in over the course of a week and a day.

I doubt you’ll see anything here which is particularly shocking. Leads come in equally pretty much every day of the week with a small decrease over the weekend. Additionally leads come in consistently through the afternoon and evening with a significant deep in the morning.

These things should not shock you.

What happens when you combine these two charts? Here are leads over the course of the week.

Not too shocking either. On each day you see the increase in leads over the course of the day and then the decline into the next.

Let’s talk about your sales team for a second.

What’s their average work week look like? For the purposes of this argument, let’s assume they work 9AM – 6PM, Monday – Friday. If anything, this is likely a little generous given that there are meetings, holidays, etc. But what happens when I gray out the times they aren’t working?

If it's a little tough to read, then here's what it looks like in tabular form:

This means that your sales people are only at their desk when 38% of the leads come in. And more importantly...

62% of franchise leads are generated when your sales people are not working.

With this information in hand let's reset:

  1. It is vital to all franchise sales to respond to leads within 5 minutes of them being generated.
  2. 62% of franchise leads are generated when your sales team isn't working

There are two logical courses of action that arise from this conundrum.

On one hand, you can change your sales team's  structure such that you have someone on call 24/7. But let's be honest. This sounds really expensive, and it probably would be a logistical nightmare.

On the other hand, you can equip your sales team with tools that help them effectively and efficiently work leads as necessary throughout the entire week.

That's, of course, where FranFunnel comes in.

We are a completely mobile automation tool that allows your salespeople to literally sell in their sleep!

So rather than firing up that call center in a different hemisphere, just give us a call!

This article was written by Eli Robinson, General Manager of FranFunnel.

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