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User Testimonials

Hear from our customers about the impact of FranFunnel on their business development efforts

Before switching to FranFunnel...

Our customers tried everything to sell franchises: CRM texting features, text enabled landlines, email blasts, cold calling, manually texting on their personal cell phone, and (worst of all!) not texting leads

Did those tools work? Not really. Here's a taste of what our customers said when we asked them how it felt to sell franchises once they switched to FranFunnel:

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Christian Brothers Automotive

“Since half of our leads are generated outside of working hours, FranFunnel gives us an 80% contact rate for new leads, and texting is the #1 top way appointments are scheduled.”

Director of Franchise Development
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Great Harvest Bread Company

“Unit growth was slow and steady for a while, but there’s been a big uptick recently. I could show you a chart of our business before and since starting FranFunnel, and I guarantee you it’s now going north instead of horizontal.”

Franchise Development Specialist
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Sport Clips

“In over six months on the platform, we’ve run thousands of leads through the system and have been able to exchange messages with over 45% of the leads.”

Director of Franchise Recruitment
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Open Door Franchises

“FranFunnel automates 90% of the work for my sales team, and now they can focus their time closing deals. We are now more compelling in our follow up and concise in our sales messaging.”

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PJ's Coffee

“The industry average for a franchise development coordinator is, I'm supposed to be reaching out to leads within a four hour timeframe. Text automation gives me the ability to reach people who I wasn't able to reach before. It’s incomparable what you get from that. We see a high level of success from this new process.”

Franchise Development Coordinator
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“Prior to using FranFunnel, I was skeptical on where texting fit
into the entire sales process. But we quickly learned it’s better than cold calling or email campaigns. The ability to communicate like a human being, that’s what customers want to do business with. FranFunnel is simple, easy to use, and seamlessly integrates with our other business systems.”

Franchise Development Director
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American Family Care

“You cannot close a franchise in the first five minutes, but you can definitely lose a deal that quickly. 95% of the people who take time to send a text back set up a call.”

VP of Sales
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Smoothie King

“No matter what else is on my plate, I can keep the pipeline moving. It could be 9pm on Friday and leads are ready to go. I don’t have to wait until the morning, I can get to them at 9:01!”

Franchise Development Coordinator
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Tutor Doctor

“We have been able to communicate via text with 35% of all leads that have come through the system. We also significantly decreased the number of unanswered phone calls so we can make appointments.

Franchise Development Coordinator
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FirstLight Home Care

“We’re seeing an unbelievable uptick in number of appointments being set. It’s remarkable the engagement that we're getting now.”

Franchise Development Coordinator
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